Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank You and Paying It Forward

I'd like to thank the academy (i.e. Susan) for this award. Also my cat....Haha - hey this is the closest I'll ever get to the Academy Awards ok?

And hey, pay it forward right? So, here are some lovely blogging ladies out there who I'd like to nominate too! They're all inspirational because they find ways to be creative even in the midst of the ordinary-ness of life - by scrapbooking of course!


Wish I could nominate lots more - but I never nominate you doesn't mean I don't friend you ok?


Wati Basri said...

oh Sharon you are so sweet giving me this award. you are right, it is never easy to squeeze time to scrap espeially for me now with the whole madness in the house....but I survive! see you real soon...hugz!!

Michelleluitan said...

OMG, thank you so much, I'm feeling better already :) Will work harder and produce more good los and projects.......... Hope you and your family a very happy CNY :)

Edleen said...

ahh...Thank You Sharon for this lovely award :) juggling 4 kids around my home..aiyo it's Scrapbooking that's keeping me sane. not that i'm insane in the 1st place! hahaha...

have a great weekend!

Sasha Farina said...

dont worry.. i friend you.. hahahah :D

Shirley said...

Wah! U make my day la! hahahah!
You so cute leh, sure fren fren you one ya!
If I find time, sure go laines. coz its the only shopping therapy that actually works! Buy clothes, shoes, bags, etc, just makes me feel like I wasted money!
Geee.. when was the last time I bot a bag.....