Friday, July 1, 2011

Hard Pressed but Not Crushed

Do you ever feel like this?
When there are so many things pressing in together at the same time and you just want to 'pop' out of things for a bit and catch your breath? (very corny I know...haha)

I am glad my Heavenly Father knows the stuff I am made of and I am "hard presed on every side but not crushed" (2 Cor 4:8).

There is joy and laughter at home to be treasured and not taken for granted:

Here's a happy album full of happy times to keep close to heart on those 'pressing' days. (Warning, lots of photos ahead....I've had a lot of happy times - haha)
cover is transparency over a canvas book (love that chubby boy!)
 inside cover

All the pages are misted:
rainbow mist
 misted sun rays
bubbles in water
 made by misting over eyelets
 misted sky
 sunset... with stickles

Despite the pressures of life, we've got many reasons to smile and be thankful yes?


Crafting Queen said...

These are some amazing pages!!!

Heather Jacob said...

oh this is sooooooooo cute Sharon ... a real treasure .. fabulous work .. hugz x

Jessy Christopher said...

All we have to say yes lord!! Reminds me of the song "trading my sorrows". Love the album especially all the backgrounds :)

Blossom inch said...

I love this canvas album...this is amazingly beautiful...gorgeous.