Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something 'Old', Something New

Here are sneaks of classes I designed for August:

Something 'Old'
Those of you who missed the Rusty Suitcase class the last time, might be glad to know Version II is running in August.  I changed the colour scheme a bit and made it more girly (i.e. I pasted a few flowers - albeit brown ones - haha)

Something New:
And you might also like this little flip box with a little album inside - this one's made from scratch, so that might be fun.

The schedule should be out soon, but the samples are at the store already - come take a look K? Or come say hi to me - either way is good.  :)


Heather Jacob said...

ooohhh Sharon these are soooooo yummy .. wish I was there to do this class ... wowzers !!!!!afabulous style .. hugz x

Jaime Lee said...

Ooo....I am drooling with your sneak hehehe....Awesome suitcase and the album flip box. Wish I can be there to sit in your class. Love the previous class thou!

Jessy Christopher said...

Someday... I will attend your class!! That's in my wishlist. Love to see how your brain works *wink*

Anonymous said...

So inspiring - makes me wish I was close enough to come to one of your classes!!
I linked you up on my blog by the way... loved your 'sweet dreams' LO. Check out my post here if you fancy:

Sue Lui said...

Gorgeous gorgeous stuff as always, Sharon! I wanna attend the class too. :)

Blossom inch said...

the small suitcase are just so classy and love every details and the flip box so beautiful...love it Sharon!

Scrap's Welize Archas said...

Amei suas criações...
Lindas demais..
Já estou te seguindo..
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