Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am in sore need of sleep....I haven't been sleeping well for some reason, and it doesn't help that school has started (which means early wake up calls again)

Maybe I need some bedtime buddies...

1.  Baby blankie
2.  blue blankie
3.  Checks (the bear)
4.  Squishy (the pillow)

1. baby blankie
2.  Shocky the stingray
3.  Little shark
4.  Baby whale
5.  Rufus the crab
6.  Jumpy the frog
7.  Squidy the octopus
8.  Wormy & Wormette the leeches (aka bolsters)
9.  Rocky the big red Angry Bird
10. Little angry birds (5)

And in keeping with the theme, here's a little Sleepytime layout featuring the new papers from Majadesign (yay!!! a whole load of them arrived for me in the mail!) and some subtle stamping with my Purple Onion stamps... (music notes and stars)
click image to enlarge

My favourite bits are the clouds....made from the lovely new patterns....

And you know what's really cool? The new papers come with lovely patterns on the brand label so you can use them as borders... nice!
Now back to.....sleep work!


Heather Jacob said...

sigh this is sensational ... absolutely love this, especially the way you have used the clouds is awesome the blue too ... marvelous work .. hugz x

Anonymous said...

wahahahahahaaaaa, Benny's bed must be very crowded! - Jacq

Jessy Christopher said...

Love how u write ur post! Never knew Ben has way more toys. Lol. Layout is so peaceful & serene!

Blossom inch said...

what a beautiful baby blue colours and precious pic.

Blossom inch said...

what a beautiful baby blue colours and precious pic.

donna mikasa said...

such a dreamy layout, Sharon! gorgeous papers!