Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kawaii Neh?

Scrapforhelp's July challenge is up! Details here. (scroll down for English instructions)

Here's what you have to include in your layout for the challenge:
1.  Recycled packaging (e.g. soap box, chocolate wrapper)
2.  you should follow the sketch given
3.  And it has to be about friendship

Let's do a little QC and check and see if I managed to follow instructions:

Here's Nadia's sketch:

I think my layout looks quite similar to the sketch... [check!]

I recycled these little Meiji candy boxes (no prizes for guessing who helped empty the candy boxes)
And used them on the layout along with their plastic wrapper which had this kawaii heart on it.... [check!]

I used part of the plastic wrapper overlapping the photo...  [check!]
And I made sure the layout was all about "Tomodachi" which means friend in Japanese... And just to be 'kiasu' Singaporean I made sure the word friend appeared somewhere on the layout in English and used the recycled candy boxes again. [double check!]

Contrary to the very businesslike nature of this post, I actually had a lot of fun doing this!  Haha.  Trying to get my layout to match the Japanese kawaii style of the candy boxes was a blast!  :)

Go have some fun!!! [check...check...check...check!]


Unknown said...

Oh so cute Sharon!! I love the colors of these boxes, just went perfectly well with your page..Look so yummy! Pretty, pretty page!

Marília Lopes said...

Gorgeous Sharon!!!I love so fun!!

Anonymous said...

This is really kawaii and fun!
Thanks for always being inspiring.

Anonymous said...

This is really kawaii and fun!
Thanks for always being inspiring.

Jennie (Jenn) said...

too sweet too sweet to be Sharon...:p

Jessy Christopher said...

Kawaii to the max! How clever to use up those packaging!

Blossom inch said...

Kawaii...ha...beautiful indeed such a good idea to used all those boxes...